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Suriname: Unleash Your Adventurous Side


Suriname: Unleash Your Adventurous Side

Suriname Vacation Rentals & Luxury Villa Rentals Suriname

Awaken your adventurous side in Suriname, a Caribbean nation nestled between Guyana and French Guiana. A truly uncommon Caribbean vacation destination, the country boasts extensive mangrove forests and lush green mountain peaks.

The list of activities to enjoy in Suriname is endless. It has a largely untouched landscape, and is home to unique flora and fauna, which roam wild and free. Best of all, Suriname is low on the average tourist’s radar, so chances are, you’ll have the beach (or the trails) all to yourself.

History buffs will enjoy learning about the country’s colorful and diverse past. Ethnic diversity is reflected in Suriname’s wide array of Dutch colonial, English, Chinese and Indian architecture. If you visit Paramaribo, the nation’s capital, you’ll see elaborate Hindu temples, giant mosques, and carefully built wooden cathedrals.

To gain easy access to the majority of Suriname’s historical sites, most visitors stay in the capital city of Paramaribo. Day and night, the city is alive with activity and brimming with excitement.

Take in the beauty of Suriname from the window of your very own private villa. Options include the following:

I. Deluxe River Special Rooms. Securing one of these rooms guarantees you an uninterrupted view of the river as it flows calmly by. The beautiful skies of Suriname are all highlighted from the stately balcony. From the comfort of your room, you can take in the beauty of the mangrove forest and the carefully maintained garden. In addition, deluxe rooms offer a view of the pool or entertainment center.

II. River View Rooms. These spacious rooms feature an unobstructed view of the river, plus the exciting firework shows. The quality of service and amenities you’ll receive are unequaled.

III. Garden rooms. With a garden room, you’ll enjoy the natural splendor of the garden at all times. You also have a panoramic view of the mangrove forest in all its glory. Garden rooms can entertain four guests, and feature the most comfortable beds. Spacious, luxurious, prestigious and unique, a garden room may be just what you need during your trip to Suriname.

IV. Executive rooms. Our executive rooms incorporate fantastic views of the garden, the mangrove, the entertainment center, the pool and much more. These rooms give you enough space to breathe in Suriname’s fresh, clean air and truly relax. The room’s stylish design makes it extra enticing and inviting. Modern facilities and amenities ensure that you’re comfortable at all times. Concierge services are available.

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The Best Time To Enjoy Luxury Villa Rentals in Suriname

Suriname has an equatorial climate, which means it is warm all year long. The rainy season is from December to mid-August, and the dry season is from late August to mid November. In Paramaribo, the rainiest months are May and June.

Despite the long rainy season, Suriname is not susceptible to hurricanes. This is because it is located outside the Atlantic Hurricane Belt.

The best time to travel to Suriname weather-wise is during the dry season. However, keep in mind that this is the most popular season for tourists as well.



Expert Tips:

Don’t overlook Suriname just because it’s not an island, and isn’t one of the most popular Caribbean countries for tourists. 13% of the country is under official environmental protection, which means that there is an incredible amount of unspoiled territory for you to explore!

In addition, you’ll have the chance to see what few people ever get to witness: adorable pink-bellied river dolphins jumping and flipping in the Suriname River, as well as the occasional cayman rising to the surface. Also, the historic city of Paramaribo is home to the largest wooden church in South America, as well as Dutch colonial buildings and the eclectic Central Market.


Top Regional Attractions:

  • The capital city of Paramaribo is on the UNESCO World Heritage site list. You can take a guided walking tour, or simply visit historic buildings like the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral on your own.
  • A visit to Galibi Nature Reserve will give you the chance to see baby sea turtles hatch out of their eggs. Book a tour to see leatherback turtles laying their eggs, or baby green ones hatching, depending on the season.
  • Hike through the unspoiled wilderness at Brownsberg National Park, located about 130 km south of Paramaribo. You may catch a glimpse of wild parrots, macaws, and spider monkeys swinging through the trees.
  • Take a small boat down the Suriname river to spot friendly pink-bellied river dolphins and sly caymans.
  • Many beaches are hard to reach, but Suriname does have several exceptionally lovely ones, including Matapica Beach and Overbridge.


Most Popular Concierge Services

  • Charter a boat for a river cruise
  • Vehicle rentals
  • Grocery pre-stocking in your villa
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Activity bookings
  • Private chef service


When you book with Key Caribe, you get the keys to an exclusive, luxury Caribbean experience. We’ll make sure all the details are taken care of from start to finish, so that you can focus on enjoying your time on the island.

Your personal Villa Concierge will help you enjoy the island the way few people have the  privilege to experience it. Want to go somewhere out of the ordinary? We’ll take you there. Hoping to live it up at an island event? We’ll help you get tickets. Our mission is to make sure your vacation is more incredible than you could ever imagine.


  • Arrange your itinerary and handle changes
  • Suggest and arrange the best local experiences
  • Handle grocery shopping and provide a private chef
  • Secure transportation– car rentals, drivers, airport transfers
  • Make restaurant reservations, and so much more!

Quick Facts


Surinamese Dollar


Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport (PBM), also known as Paramaribo-Zanderij International Airport

There are also many other smaller airports and airstrips, such as Albina Airport, Zorg & Hoop Airport, and Stoelmanseiland Airport.


Tipping in Suriname is not a formal practice, although it may be expected in tourist areas. At the very least, you should leave loose change or round up the bill. Usually, you should leave around 10% of the bill. Occasionally, restaurants and hotels will include a gratuity fee or service fee. You may also round up your taxi fee, also this is not necessarily expected.