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Belize: An Enchanted Caribbean Paradise


Belize: An Enchanted Caribbean Paradise

Belize Vacation Rentals & Luxury Villa Rentals Belize

Belize is a democratic, English and Spanish speaking nation located in Central America. Mild weather, breathtaking beaches, and spectacular ocean sunsets make this Caribbean country an inevitable first choice for a unique vacation.

Belize may not be an island, but more than 200 small islands and cays are located near its coast. Among them is Ambergris Caye, sometimes referred to as San Pedro island. “La Isla Bonita” (as Madonna called it) has the power to bewitch you to the point of never wanting to leave.

Ambergris Caye lies only half a mile from the Belize Barrier Reef, a top diving site for snorkelers and scuba divers. Besides beautiful beaches, the island offers various water activities like jet-skiing and windsurfing, along with nature hikes and bird watching.

Belize is also home to some incredible Mayan ruin sites, one of which is located on Ambergris Caye. In addition, a famous sinkhole known as the Great Blue Hole enchants divers with its mysterious cave-like depths, just offshore of Belize.

The Best Time To Enjoy Luxury Villa Rentals In Belize

Belize is blessed with a subtropical climate. Temperatures stay in the 80’s (F) for most of the year. We suggest packing light, breathable clothing, and rain gear for the wet season, which typically lasts from June to November.

Weather wise, the best time to travel to Belize is during the dry season. However, beaches become much more crowded during this time of year, especially during “Spring Break” (March/April).



Expert Tips:

Be sure to take home the taste of Belize with locally made chocolate, coffee and hot sauce. Products from Marie Sharp’s are said to be some of the best.

Make your Belize villa reservation in advance if you plan to visit Belize during the tourist high season, which lasts from November to late April. This is also typically the dry season.

You don’t have to be an expert diver to explore the Great Blue Hole! Try seeing it from above, on an airplane or hot-air balloon excursion.


Top Regional Activities:

  • Don’t miss the Great Blue Hole, a circular, underwater sinkhole in the Belize Barrier Reef. It’s an incredible spot for snorkeling and scuba diving, along with the reef itself.
  • Explore Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Ambergris Caye, a lively reef filled with all kinds of colorful creatures. Shark Ray Alley is located just one mile south. While there, you can swim with stingrays and nurse sharks.
  • Golfers rejoice! There’s an entire island dedicated to a golf course off the coast of Belize. The 18-hole Caye Chapel Golf Course is famous worldwide.
  • Mayan ruins, and more Mayan ruins! Climb up ancient stone pyramids and crawl through hidden tunnels and caves to for a glimpse of Belize as it was centuries earlier.
  • Book a nature tour in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature. Located in Dangriga, it is the very first protected area for jaguars in the world.
  • Rappel down a waterfall at Bocawina Falls, and enjoy other adrenaline-infused activities at Mayflower Bocawina National Park.
  • Introduce yourself to Belize culture at the Museum of Belize in Belize City. Just 31 miles north lies Altun Ha, a former Mayan trade center and sacred location for ancient ceremonies.


Most Popular Concierge Services:

  • A car rental or private driver
  • Private chef service for the first or last nights of your stay
  • A full-day boat excursion with a captain/guide
  • A sunset dinner cruise
  • Grocery pre-stocking in your villa


When you book with Key Caribe, you get the keys to an exclusive, luxury Caribbean experience. We’ll make sure all the details are taken care of from start to finish, so that you can focus on enjoying your time on the island.

Your personal Villa Concierge will help you enjoy the island the way few people have the  privilege to experience it. Want to go somewhere out of the ordinary? We’ll take you there. Hoping to live it up at an island event? We’ll help you get tickets. Our mission is to make sure your vacation is more incredible than you could ever imagine.


  • Arrange your itinerary and handle changes
  • Suggest and arrange the best local experiences
  • Handle grocery shopping and provide a private chef
  • Secure transportation– car rentals, drivers, airport transfers
  • Make restaurant reservations, and so much more!

Quick Facts


The Belize Dollar (BZD). One US dollar currently equals about 2 Belize dollars.


Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (BZE)

Belize City Municipal Airport (TZA)


Tip restaurant servers about 15% for good service. Tip spa staff 10-15%, and the same amount goes for tour guides. High-end hotels usually add a 10% service charge to your bill, but it’s customary to tip the staff, such as maids and porters. It is not typical to tip taxi drivers or hairdressers.