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St. Barths: The Luxury Island


St. Barths: The Luxury Island

St. Barths Vacation Rentals & Luxury Villa Rentals St. Barths

St. Barths, or St. Barthelemy, is a luxurious paradise island where the rich and famous have been known to flock for secret, secluded getaways. It is also a top Caribbean destination for honeymoons. This is thanks to the beautiful white sand beaches that grace the island, and the wide variety of designer shops that offer the perfect souvenirs.

A French-speaking island, St. Barths combines European sophistication with an easy-going, laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.  Its history is intricate and fascinating. The name of its capital city, Gustavia, is a testament to the fact that the island came under Swedish rule for a brief time after the Napoleonic Wars.

Gustavia features charming Swedish architecture, and the signature red-roofed houses that stand out in stark contrast to the lush green countryside. Luxury rental villas are plentiful, including the following:

I.  Nirvana- A Zen Villa. Featuring exquisite designs and décor, this villa will easily become your favorite home-away-from home. Situated in a prestigious community on the island of Lurin, Zen Villa has quick access to Gouverneur beach and features breathtaking views of the capital city. With five spacious bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen, living room, terrace, heated pool and an outdoor dining area, this villa represents the essence of St.Barths. At just $3727 per night, this magical place can be yours.

II. 2- Bedroom Villa on Blue Rock. This villa is perfect for a small family vacation.  At just $312 per night, you’ll receive the very best accommodations and services. This charming house overlooks the ocean, allowing the gentle breezes to cool the entire property. A beautifully shaded relaxation area offers you great views of the ocean below. Ideal for couples, the villa has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, plus a pool with views of the Blue Rock Hill Plantation.

III. Honeymoon Villa with Ocean View. This quaint house for honeymooners includes one bedroom and one bath for $357 per night. An incredible haven for a romantic getaway, the studio villa features Indonesian furnishing and beautiful views of Gustavia and Corossol. A small beach, outdoor dining area and living room, and shaded deck make this villa perfect for a quiet, secluded experience with your significant other.

The Best Time To Enjoy Luxury Villa Rentals In St. Barths

The best time to visit St. Barths weather-wise is during the winter, which corresponds to the dry season. However, April to June is the best time to go if you consider both crowds and weather. September, October, and November are considered the tourist low season, but they also experience much more rain. Average temperatures range from the 70s to the 90s (F).



Expert Tips:

St. Barths is often called the “French Riviera” of the Caribbean for good reason: it’s replete with spectacular secluded beaches, high-end shopping, fine dining, and mega yachts.

With an area of only 9.7 square miles, St. Barthelemy may seem like a tiny island, but don’t that fool you. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied during your vacation. Besides soaking up the sun on one of the breathtaking beaches, you can engage in water sports, hike to the top of Fort Karl, or spend a relaxing day in a spa.

To get to St. Barths, take 10 to 15-minute flight from St. Martin, buy a ticket for a high-speed ferry, or charter a boat. You can also fly to St. Barths from St. Thomas, Guadeloupe, or San Juan, Puerto Rico. While on the island, it’s helpful to rent a 4-wheel or AWD vehicle because they handle the hilly terrain with ease.


Top Regional Activities:

  • There’s no shortage of incredible beaches on St. Barths. Try Flamands Beach, one of the best on the island, or Shell Beach, on which shell fragments have completely replaced the sand.
  • Try the Cheval Spa near Flamands Beach for a unique outdoor spa experience.
  • Tour the capital city of Gustavia to learn about the island’s varied culture history. Don’t forget to snap a pic at the Swedish Clock Tower or visit the St. Barth Municipal Museum.
  • Two shipwrecks are located right off the coast, and Pain de Sucre is the best known diving site. There are also many great places around the island to surf.
  • Head to Gustavia to shop luxury retailers like Dior and Louis Vuitton, as well as local companies like Ligne St. Barth cosmetics and Calypso.
  • Allow Key Caribe to help you charter a catamaran or a yacht so you can explore the magnificent turquoise waters that surround the island.


Most Popular Concierge Services:

  • Vehicle rentals
  • Private driver
  • Chef service in your villa
  • Private boat charter
  • A sunset dinner cruise
  • In-villa massages and spa treatments


When you book with Key Caribe, you get the keys to an exclusive, luxury Caribbean experience. We’ll make sure all the details are taken care of from start to finish, so that you can focus on enjoying your time on the island.

Your personal Villa Concierge will help you enjoy the island the way few people have the  privilege to experience it. Want to go somewhere out of the ordinary? We’ll take you there. Hoping to live it up at an island event? We’ll help you get tickets. Our mission is to make sure your vacation is more incredible than you could ever imagine.


  • Arrange your itinerary and handle changes
  • Suggest and arrange the best local experiences
  • Handle grocery shopping and provide a private chef
  • Secure transportation– car rentals, drivers, airport transfers
  • Make restaurant reservations, and so much more!

Quick Facts


Euros. US Dollars are also accepted in some establishments, but you may receive change in euros.


Gustaf III Airport (also known as St Barthelemy Airport)


In St. Barths, tipping culture reflects that of France. Most restaurants include a service fee of 10-15%, but you should add 5 to 10% on top of that for good service. Tip housekeepers around 10 euros per day per bedroom. It is best to use euros for tips.