Top 10 things to do in the Bahamas

Published on November 7, 2017 by Mitchell Poleon

Top 10 things to do in the Bahamas

As the holiday season rolls around, many people are hard at work, browsing through pages to find the perfect vacation destination. To save you that trouble, Bahamas is the place to be anytime you want to experience ultimate relaxation. It is also the best place to experience some of the most unique things in the world.

The Bahamas is among the most visited vacation destinations. There is so much to do on this paradise island that has warm turquoise extents of ocean water all around it. The excitement wheels come off the wagon soon as you land. The energy burst in Providence cannot be contained, not forgetting the capital Nassau. Nassau is the perfect place for tourists with an appreciation for historical exploration.

Bahamians are welcoming people. This is one of the reasons tourists feel welcome and pampered in the paradise island.

Besides the usual beach time and diving, you can engage in the following:



1. Swimming with dolphins

It is not every day that you get to meet the cute and cuddly friends of man, the dolphins. The Bahamas will help you tick that off your bucket list. The blue lagoon island is home to these cuddly aquatic mammals. The Island is not far from Nassau which makes it a convenient destination for many tourists. Besides swimming with the dolphins, you can also get lost in the beauty and seclusion of the island. Breathtaking views, sandy beaches, and a quiet time away from the buzzing city life. Blue Lagoon Island also offers experiences like kayaking, underwater scooters, and water bikes






2. Dive at Andros

Andros is not the only dive site in the Bahamas; there are many other sites around the Islands. Andros is however large and extensive which makes for a great diving experience. If you have a sincere appreciation for marine life and would love to see and interact with a wide array of sea creatures, Andros is the perfect diving place. Shipwrecks are an exploration option in the area as well as underwater blue holes.







3. Sandy beaches

The moment the word Island is mentioned, many people automatically think Beaches and they are not wrong. The Bahamas has some of the most beautiful beaches that range from private, quiet and secluded to the public; party-filled beaches. There are many white sandy beaches, clean and warm offering the best views over the blue waters. The Bahamas also boasts of pink sandy beaches.






Tour Eleuthera island bahamas
Tour Eleuthera island bahamas

4. Tour Eleuthera island

Geological creations in this isle are to marvel at. There is a sea of activity to engage in, crevices and caves to explore. Horse riding is a bonus to the exploration which makes it much more wholesome. The Island of Eleuthera is very quiet and private; it takes you away from the busy fast life into a more calming existence that helps you take the time to appreciate nature at its best. It is also a haven for surfers seeking the perfect wave to ride.






Shopping in the island
Shopping on the island

5. Shopping on the island

Physical evidence of a vacation is essential to grant you bragging rights. While you have the memories imprinted on you and pictures to show for it, you still appreciate having a part of the island to take away with you. Shopping will help you achieve this. The Port Lucayan marketplace is the place to do all your vacation shopping in the Bahamas. The beauty of the market, painted in Caribbean colors will pull you to the shopping center. Clothes, crafts, art and endless cafes and restaurants grace the marketplace.






The Bahamas nightlife
The Bahamas nightlife

6. The Bahamas nightlife

You cannot confidently claim that you have experienced the best of the Bahamas until you have indulged in the explosive nightlife in many spots around the islands. Port Lucayan is one of the places where you can shop all day and unwind the beat immediately to the nightlife begins to ring. DJ shows are popular, they bring the heat up and down giving you a rush that will carry you through the day. Nassau is another part of Bahamas with some of the best night spots like casinos, bars, clubs, pubs and dance studios.






Cruising through castaway cay
Cruising through castaway cay

7. Cruising through castaway cay

The Disney Company privately owns Castaway Cay, you cannot alight on the island, but you can still appreciate the beauty of the 1000 acres of land as you cruise by it. The magnificent views warm your heart as the wind blows on your face. The cruise takes you to a resort built like a shipwrecked community that will give you all the sailor and pirate feels.






Lucayan national park bahamas
Lucayan national park bahamas

8. Lucayan national park

Mangrove swamps, pine forests, and beaches characterize the Lucayan national park. The park is waiting for you so it can unlock the beauty of the islands best-kept wildlife. Bird watchers can spend hours lost in the array of species available at the park. An underwater cave system, the jungle creatures and myriads of ecosystems in the island will blow your mind.






Cable beach bahamas
Cable beach Bahamas

9. Cable beach experience

While many other beaches on the island offer the best of sandy beaches, warm waters, and great views, cable beach also has a range of other activities to grace your existence. The beach is easy to access which makes it a favorite spot for many people it also offers the best of luxury hotels, casinos, golf clubs and restaurants. Even though the beach is attractive, there is a lot more to cable beach than its blue waters.







Paradise island waterpark bahamas
Paradise island waterpark Bahamas

10. Paradise island waterpark

Water can be very relaxing which is why many people love island vacations. The paradise island waterpark is the best place to experience the most fun-filled slides and splash pools. The park features adult, kids, and family-friendly activities. The Leap of faith is the most daunting activity in the park. It is not for the weak-hearted. The leap of faith shoots you down the Aztec temple through the dark abyss that will bring your fears to life and then you finally hit the waters. The park also features adult only pools.



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