Top 10 things to do in St. Martin

St. Martin is a delightful paradise island that has so much to offer. It is also commonly referred to as St Marteen. The island is so diverse that it incorporates many activities to suit everyone’s taste. St. Martin has infinite distinct little paradises. Choosing to visit the island is going to be the best decision you have made.

There is so much to do, see and experience in this majestic island. Picturesque views, soothing weather, warm waters, and clean beaches are but a few of what makes the island famous. St. Martin Island gained popularity as a fantastic tourist destination. The island has grown from tourism but has also incorporated many other activities to make it a more wholesome destination.

The island of St. Martin has a large number of watersports. The island has, however, began exploring other forms of tourism like culture, sports, and well-being. These are all activities that make it a more desirable vacation island for people from all corners of the earth.

What are some of the things you should do while in St. Martin?

There is an array of things to do on the island that you’ll be spoilt for choice. The top ten things to do are not the only things available. Everything in St. Martin is magical and an experience worth trying out. This list is just an insight into St. Martin. It does not even begin to scratch the surface of how incredible and unique the island is. Some of the things to do:

st martin st maarten shopping

st Martin St Maarten shopping

I. Indulge in Shopping

While many islands are famous for sandy beaches and clear waters and always lead with that, for St. Martin let’s start off with shopping. The Island is every shopper’s dream. There is so much to shop ranging from clothes to antiques, sea treasures and more. The best part of buying on the island is that it is very affordable. Shopping in St. Martin is duty-free, that is like finding gold, and any avid shopper knows exactly what this means.



II. Explore and experience some of the unique plants and animals

St. Martin is home to some of unique creatures and plants. The tropical rainforest is a haven for butterflies. Take some time while on the island to visit the butterfly farm and have your mind blown by the beauty of colorful butterflies. When you stand still, the butterflies land on you easily.

There are also many endemic species on the island. The Zoological Park has a myriad of animals, unique species, and birds. The island has many macaws. St. Martin will also introduce you to marmosets, tamarin and the largest rodent in the world, the little capybara.



III. Get a breathtaking view of Fort Louis

Fort Louis is a historical part of the island that offers the most incredible view of St. Martin. The trek to the fort will refresh you. Fort Louis is among the most massive fortifications in Saint Martin; it has cannons that look out into the vast ocean. The fort was the site for spotting enemy troops nearing the island. While the history of the fort and the cannons may intrigue you, they are nothing close to the rush that the panorama will effect on you. You get an uninterrupted view of the Marigot harbor, Bellevue hills and the beautiful oceans blue. When there are clear skies, you may even catch a glimpse of the Anguilla Island.



IV. Hike to the top and slide your way down

Saint Martin has some of the best hiking trails that take you to Pic Paradis, the highest point on the island. From the end, you can easily see the beauty of the entire island. The two observation decks at the top offer the best view of the rainforest. After having your fill of the beautiful landscape from the top, visit the Loterie farm, it is very close to the top and experience flying from the fly zone Xtreme. The estate offers an obstacle course that will get your adrenaline boiling. Not to forget the zip line drop back down that will get your heart racing as you free fall through the trees.

st martin st maarten parasailing

st martin st Maarten parasailing

V. Sports

The island offers many different sporting activities. Watersports are so many people’s favorite Island sport. St. Martin will let you experience diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, riding banana boats, parasailing, jet skiing and so much more. Sports like golf and tennis are also available on the island.



VI. St. Martin nightlife

If you thought the island is breathtaking during the day, wait till the sun goes down and the night lights come on. The island has a fun-filled nightlife, clubs, casinos, dance bars and so much more. There is not one dull moment even during the night.



VII. St. Martin Beaches

You cannot afford to skip a visit to the magnificent beaches on the island. Mullet Bay, Orient Bay beach, and Maho beach are some of the beautiful, clean, sandy beaches that are full of warmth and relaxation. Take the opportunity and get the perfect tan.



VIII. Sailing is on offer too

A trip to prickly pear cay is precisely what you need to get your sailor side in full gear. Sailing the blue waters while watching flying fish is such a fulfilling experience. Guys have the honor of hoisting the sails on the way to the cay while girls raise sails on the way back.



IX. Saint Martin Culture

St. Martin is one of the most cultural islands. It has an explosive appreciation for culture. Many tourists get an opportunity to explore the unique cultural practices. All inclusive cultural celebrations held on the island will give you a whole new appreciation of life.



X. Spa treatment

A relaxing spa treatment is precisely what you need to loosen up your muscles, take away all your tensions and get you ready for the vacation of a lifetime. St. Martin spas will do just that for you.

There is still so much of St. Martin like bike rides, horse rides and the best lobster that did not make it to the list. You have to visit the Island to see it all yourself. The magical island has however fallen victim to the destructive hurricane Irma that wreaked havoc in the island. There is looming uncertainty as many residents try to recover from the devastation caused by the hurricane.

Shortly after the hurricane, Irma flattened the island; hurricane Jose soon followed adding to the pain already inflicted. As the islands strive to recover and rebuild, reassurance, prayers, and donations from the whole world help keep the residents afloat since there has been a shortage of food and supplies after the hurricanes.