Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao is located on the southeast point of Curacao,and can be characterized as the ultimate relaxation and tranquility point. The island is deserted and has no traffic, loud music and most importantly no connectivity to the busy world. Klein Curacao has a long stretch of blue sandy beach with turtles swimming near.
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When you translate the word Klein Curacao in english it means Little Curacao. the island is situated about 15 miles off the Curacao shores and has no attachment to the island (curaçao). An old lighthouse lies in the middle of the island. Aside from that there are two shipwrecks visible from shore. Walking around the island, you will see residue from shipwrecks all around.
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the trip to the island takes about an hour and a half if your going by boat. You can do allot of turtle spotting on the island and the best time for that is around 14:00. the turtles feed quite close to shore, the turtles are people shy but do let you swim close by from time to time and its a magical experience.
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A trip to Klein Curacao is a definite must do when visiting the island. Just prepare yourself for a relaxing all inclusive day where you do not have to worry about a thing. leave your phone at home and pack a swimsuit and sunblock. your luxury of time awaits you.

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