The apartment was exactly as described

Published on August 30, 2017 by admin

The apartment was exactly as described. It was large, roomy and airy. The deck looked out onto a marina, with a headland rising behind it. The view was magnificent! Whenever we were in the house, that’s where we congregated. Our hosts were extremely thoughtful and considerate. On our return to the airport at the end of our vacation, they took us an alternate route that got us there just in time–we had no idea the traffic would be so bad on the main route. We had only two quibbles: 1. The kitchen knives were in bad shape, with little edge; some of them had lost more than half of their handles 2. We had an end unit, and the private home right next door had three puppies who would break out barking with little notice. They were very loud, and broke up conversation and interrupted sleep. Hopefully they’ll have grown up and matured by next winter

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