New Beginnings from Key Caribe

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Dive deep into the glittering, turquoise waters, venture up high into the brightest of skies, sip colorful cocktails on cotton white sands, or dance to the sound of steel drums; the Caribbean has it all. Choosing a single destination might be a challenge, but Key Caribe will check several destinations off of your bucket list in one go.

St. Barths and the Bahamas are two stops that you’ll be sure to check for if the high life is your thing. Take a yacht ride over the waves, or sip fancy cocktails at the trendiest of parties, you’ll be feeling glam in no time. So pack the oversized shades and click your heels, the high-class Caribbean experience awaits.

The Caribbean Islands have everything you’d want from a holiday, and more! So choose the best destination Caribbean location and you’ll make memories aplenty. Which Caribbean experience will you have for 2017?