What makes up the Paradise Island, Curacao?

The world has so many vacations destinations to choose from at any time. Every continent, country, and Island is unique in its way. With over 7 billion people in the world who have different tastes and preferences, the popular tourist destinations have to up their game so that they can be more desirable by vacationers.

Curacao is the most visited Island with some of the best attractions. It being an island contributes to the popularity since many people prefer islands as a holiday destination, but many would like to know more about Curacao.

Besides the sandy beaches, warm turquoise or azure waters that everyone knows islands for, what makes Curacao? To understand and delve into everything you need to know about the island, here are some of the exciting facts about curacao that make it the island it is:





Curacao Tourism

The most prominent and most dominant industry in the island, in most of the Caribbean, is tourism. It takes center stage in all parts of Curacao where there is something for everyone. There are seasons and times that people prefer than others, but Curacao is a yearlong destination that features the best weather, beaches, and exploration opportunities among other activities.

Researching on the country you want to visit is essential before you get there. It gives you a precise concept of what the culture is, places to stay, where to eat and drink, what to eat and drink, best places to visit and if you are interested, get a little background on the history of the area.

While many people think getting to know a holiday destination is not very important, it plays a significant role in helping you feel welcome, and like you’re in your second home. Curacao is such a precious island full of history, culture, and diversity that all blend to make the paradise haven. Curacao tourism industry is pushed forward by:






Curacao beaches

The best place to start is the beaches. You will find relaxation, let your body get attuned to your new environment and relax all the work stress away before delving into other activities. Once you take some time to breathe in the fresh island air, watch the vastness of the sea and get lost in the cunning resemblance of the waters and the skies, all your worries will disappear, and vacation mode activates.

Curacao beaches are prevalent on the calm southwestern parts of the island. There are many beaches to visit that range from free to charged beaches, private and public beaches. At the beaches, you get a beach chair to help you lounge and sunbathe better. Curacao is the best island to get a well-toned tan.

Some of the choicest beaches to visit include Santa Barbara beach, it is the definition of warm sandy beach with clean white sands and warm waters to dip in while you lounge by the beach chairs. Avila’s beach belongs to the Avila’s hotel and features two private beaches in Pietermaai. Sip on your favorite cocktails as you watch the sunset over the sea’s horizon. The Blue Bay beach is another popular destination that is a conducive beach for families since it features a lot of facilities. It is northwest of Willemstad.

Boat rides and fishing expeditions are available at the Boka St. Michiel that features small boats. It is the old fishing village and the best place for you to bring to life your hidden fishing rush. For snorkelers, Daaibooibaai is the spot for you. It also features an excellent fishing cove and is not very far from town. Jan Thiel beach is the ultimate beach for you who appreciates a good time at the beach. It features entertainment to top off the scenic views. At this beach, you can also find shopping centers and indulge in as much shopping as you’d like.






Curacao liqueur

Curacao liqueur is among the most popular drinks in the island of Curacao and other islands. It is usually colorless but is flavored to add color to it. Mostly blue and orange. Curacao liqueur is made from dried Laraha peels. The laraha fruit is the golden orange of Curacao; it is so bitter that it is not edible and its primary use is its peels.

Laraha came from sweet Valencia orange brought to Curacao by Spanish explorers. The soil in the island is however not very favorable for the Valencia, and the resulting fruit was the bitter laraha. The peels of this small fruit are very flavorful which makes them useful in things like Curacao liqueur.

Curacao liqueur is one of the principal contributors to great night partying in the island as well as colorful beachside cocktails. The exquisite taste of the drink offers relaxation while the Sea breeze soothes the exhaustion out of you.

Curacao liqueur is however not the only available drink in the island. There are other milder, stronger and even softer drinks depending on what your preference is. Curacao is the island that has a bit of everything to ensure that you never lack for anything while visiting. Others recommended drinks include triple sec and Grand Marnier.





Curacao nightlife

You think you have seen it all and experienced it all until you meet the explosive burst of fun, energy, dance and exuberance that is curacao nightlife. It is the island that never sleeps; there is so much to do and so many experiences worth trying out.

There are so many parts of Curacao that buzz with activity even after the sun takes its leave. Whether you are looking for a quiet way to unwind, an explosive dance party, a romantic evening where you dance the night away to slow music, Curacao has got each one. Some of the hot areas to be at when night time rolls around include: Riffort village, Mundo Bizzaro, Miles Jazz café and district 1850. There is an assortment of bars where you can relax and enjoy the ocean breeze coupled with the view as you drink.

When it comes to clubs, Bermuda is the place to be if you are looking for a good time where you can dance the night away and still hold a conversation. If you are more the hip kind of crowd and just need music and no words, many DJ clubs provide music all night long. Some other clubs alternate between DJ and Live band all in one night which gives you choices.

Another popular area in Curacao is Salinja District where most locals praise for being the hub of all nightlife in Curacao. Not to say that other regions like Willemstad do not have an active nightlife, but these are the most frequented. Casinos also offer nighttime entertainment to many people, and they are available in different parts of the island.

If dancing and drinking, sometimes club hopping is not your speed, you can opt for a slower but still exhilarating way to spend your night. There are cinemas and movie theatres that cater to families, couples, and anyone looking for a different kind of fun. Willemstad is the place to be for movies.

Night bowling is another one of the options on the table for a fabulous nighttime. The tropical bowling club 3000 in Willemstad caters to night bowlers and also has a restaurant and bar if you want to celebrate a win or wash down a loss.





The flag of Curacao

The flag of Curacao – Regarding Curacao, when it comes to nationalism, the different ethnic groups that make up the people of Curacao have come together to ensure the continuity of the island. The island has a glorious flag that symbolizes that unity and togetherness as well as showcases the beauty and pride of the island.

Curacao flag is a blue rectangular field with a yellow line cutting through the area horizontally. At the top left of the flag are two five-sided stars, one bigger than the other. The blue is symbolism for the Sea and the sky that grace the island. The yellow line is the sun that shines on the island, and the stars represent Curacao and Klein Curacao.

The stars are also a symbol of love and happiness in the island. Each of the points on the stars represents the five continents from which the people of Curacao come. The flag is a strong representation of how healthy diversity is when embraced. Martin Den Dulk designed curacao flag in 1984.




Curacao money

Money is an essential tool in trade in the world. Each country has a currency unique to them which facilitates transactions. The Netherlands Antillean also called the Florin is the official curacao currency. One florin is roughly 0.55 US dollars.

Once you land on the island, it is easy to change into curacao currency to make it easy to transact while in the island. Many businesses on the island, however, accept the US dollar since it is a popular currency among most of the tourists.





Shopping in Curacao

Even if there are people in the world who are shopping gurus, everyone likes to buy the only problem is the money. If money were easy to come by, many people would never leave shopping malls. Despite the pinch felt when spending cash during shopping, a vacation cannot be crowned without some vacation shopping.

Curacao has the best shopping places that will suit everyone.

Shopping is not just shopping in Curacao as you get to take in the beauty of old buildings and ocean liners. It is simple to find what you want and the islands beauty softens the blow that spending money inflicts on you. Curacao shopping is an excellent affair that lets you see a variety of things in one area.

Throughout Willemstad are small boutiques, shops and shopping centers that have the best in fashion, crafts, arts and even souvenirs to take home. The floating market is another famous shopping spot that will give you a touch of exploration while you shop.

Curacao shopping is topped off with the duty-free zones that will blow your mind. These areas make shopping the most exciting thing you do on the island since you can find anything you want without feeling the excessive spending pinch.

Other popular areas to shop in Curacao include the Sambil shopping center. Willemstad is not the only part of Curacao that has great shopping spots, visit Salina as well, the Promenade shopping center, Bloempot, and Zuikertuintje malls.





Curacao weather

Curacao Weather – One of the main reasons while Curacao is a destination paradise is its climate. For most of the year, the island experiences sunny and warm weather which is beautiful holiday weather for many tourists. The thrill of great weather all year long is what many people are after.

Curacao is a safe island in the Caribbean that does not suffer the wrath of hurricanes. They tend to pass curacao making it a perfect holiday destination even during hurricane seasons. While other Caribbean islands experience rains during some months, curacao tends to be sunny with temperatures at 80-85 all year.






Best time to visit Curacao

December through April are the usual favorite months for most vacationers visiting Curacao. This makes the island crowded, prices go up, and everything sometimes costs double the regular rates. Since these are the months that most people are on break, vacationing can be quite hectic but not impossible. You will just get to share the island with more people.

From May to November, you can get the best rates for everything. During these months hotels are cheaper; basically, everything is more affordable since there aren’t as many vacationers. This is the best time to visit and experience the best of everything without crowding at the beaches or in shopping centers and markets.

Curacao weather tends to be very favorable May to November. Even if there will be showers once in a while, they mostly occur at night giving you enough daylight time to soak in the island during the day. Curacao unlike other Caribbean islands that face the danger of hurricanes during these months is a paradise where the sun will shine and allow the rains to reign during the night.