Think the Caribbean is all about beaches? You might be surprised to find a thriving street art scene in Curacao, an island in the Netherlands Antilles. Some tourist over look the fact that, Curacao also has allot of artistic value.

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curaçao street art

If you are a lover of arts, than Curacao might be right up your alley. Curacao is mostly known for its crystal clear beaches and colonial architecture but walking through the colonial city of Willemstad you will notice allot of colourful murals and public art installations. You can instantly feel that the people here are really artistic and express their emotions in a unique way.

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street art in curaçao

The architecture in downtown Willemstad is very traditional; pastel-colored buildings with red tile roofs dot the landscape. Painted murals are also a fixture of the city, ranging from advertisements for local shops to political art.

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curaçao street art

If you love an adventure it might be a fun idea to cruise the island searching for all these beautiful murals which al express a different meaning and give the island a special touch.

keycaribe,morrenpoleon,curaçao,street art, murals,paintings, curaçao

curaçao art