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Water Experiences

Know what? You have a great chance to have open a diversity of water life! You would never want to get out of the water!

Scuba diving is always so much fun! This is one of the main things our guests always ask for. Swimming with beautiful tropical fish in a clean water is fantastic chance to explore the underwater life.

Dolphin Academy   (Curacao)

Swimming with dolphins in Curaçao is truly a magical experience.  As you swim in the natural lagoon, the Dolphins will allow you to gently pet and interact with them. You will give them different hand signals and see how they will react. A great opportunity to touch, interact, swim, and enjoy your time with these lovable marine mammals.

At Divers Choice (Curacao)

Your underwater adventure is about to begin here with us, At Divers Choice Curaçao! We welcome you all to join us in discovering Curaçao’s many fun options of exploring the underwater world. Whether you are a fan of snorkeling, of scuba diving, a beginner, an expert, or simply looking to enjoy a boat trip with friends and family during the day or evening, we wholeheartedly welcome you all! You can easily book your trip with At Divers Choice Curaçao.

Aquafari (Curacao)

Create a lifetime of memories with your loved ones by going on Curaçao’s underwater safari on our underwater scooter. Dive easily under the sea on your personal water scooter accompanied by a certified Aquafari diver. See a variety of beautiful fish and other deep-sea creatures as they swim on the bottom, roll on the surface or hover anywhere between the colorful coral reef in the ocean. The Aquafari scooter is easy to master and too much fun not to try.

Jetblade Barbados (Barbados)

Barbados’ Most Extreme Water sport Introductory Experience .Perfect for anyone who just wants to get their feet wet .Our Introductory Jetpack Rental and Training session is like none other putting you safely into the “anti-gravity” stratosphere! We give you an overview of water jetpack technology and flight fundamentals in a short lesson. With 30 minutes of flight time on water entry. You’ll learn all the basics of jetpack steering, stability and elevation control.Based on your progression and comfort, you may get a chance to fly high.Most first-time pilots take 5 minutes to learn the fundamentals,We use a method called “Shadow Flying” .Your instructor is right behind the jetpack with you initially making sure you are stable before you are off on your own.This is the fastest way to learn. This package allows you to grasps the basics and controls of flight.

Seabob (Aruba)

If you want the newest, coolest, most unique way to explore the warm, sparkling ocean waters of Aruba, then you’ve come to the right place. The Seabob is the latest and greatest technology serving as your personal underwater scooter for effortlessly moving through the most beautiful underwater tropical landscapes in all of the Caribbean. From the ghostly Antilla shipwreck to the secretive Spanish Lagoon, you’re in for thrilling underwater adventures with Seabob Tours.

Rhino Safari (St.Martin)

You don’t need any experience to tame this beast! Captain St. Martin’s original, one and only, multi-award winner interactive tour.Get ready for a thrill of a lifetime ride that is safe, sturdy and tons of fun on your very own Rhino Rider watercraft! Journey along St. Martin’s coastline to one of our two destinations. Snorkel at Creole Rock marine park or soak up at sunny Happy Bay secluded beach.

Gracebaywatersports (Turks & Caicos)

There is no better place to parasail in the Caribbean than in Grace Bay’s pristine waters overlooking the beaches, the island, the reefs and the open ocean. The experience is breathtaking and surreal.

Grace Bay Watersports offer an amazing Parasailing adventures at the lowest cost in the island. Once you reserve your ride, our boat will pick you up from the nearest location to you on the Grace Bay beach and drop you off in the same location. The entire boat ride may take from 30-90 minutes depending on number of parties on the boat, during which you will enjoy the ride and watch the clear waters.