The endurance of a Property manager

Published on May 13, 2018 by admin

There are some challenges to renting your home without the use of a property manager, especially from a distance. Finding a reliable cleaning service or housekeeper is probably the most difficult part of renting your vacation home by owner. Your housekeepers are going to be the eyes and ears to your home. They’re the ones who are going in there every single week, and they are the ones checking up on the renters, making sure that there was no damage or theft. Since this is such an integral part of renting your home, you need to find someone who is reliable, communicative, and trustworthy.

Although hiring a reliable housekeeper is one of the most difficult parts of renting-by-owner, accomplishing this step will be like playing in an casino. Especially when you don’t live near your vacation villa and you can’t check how things are going day by day.

Property manager

Renting by a property manager  can be personally rewarding as they are handling all aspects of the business and get to provide a wonderful vacation experience to your guests. They take away all the hard work vacation rental can provide like the demanding customers, the maintenance of the property and preparing the property on time for the next guests.

When people go on vacation to a villa rental for the first time they don’t know what to expect. They don’t realize the experience is different from going to a hotel. There is nobody waiting at the reception to check you in. There is an property manager waiting to receive the guests and give them instructions about the villa and information about the Island. Sometimes guests forget that and just go out and buy groceries or go to a restaurant to eat first. Not realizing the property manager lost a lot of time and maybe has other customers waiting for them at other properties. It is still the duty for the property manager to stay professional and give the best service possible.


Property managers do everything they can to provide the best service but sometimes they are restricted to the owner of the properties. If the owner doesn’t have budget for maintenance of the property, providing new linnen, new towels, or toiletpaper when the guests arrive they will blame the property manager for the lack of service. It is the property managers duty to have guests that are pleased and owners as well. If somehow the budget is not there for the upkeep of a accommodation, the property manager has to persuade the owner it is also for their best interest to keep the accommodation at a certain standard.

A good property manager asks the guest to provide them with the flight information, their phone number and if they need the fridge to be pre stocked. Some of the islands provide service like a transportation from the airport to the villa where the property manager will be waiting. Most of the property managers know everything from the best restaurants, best beaches, the gems on the island and of course the best place to party. They are best and easiest way to enjoy your vacation.

The guests just have ask for the service the property manager can provide and what they can do to help them to make the vacation a great experience. Just realize there are no strange questions they didn’t have before you.

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