The Political map of the Caribbean

Published on January 22, 2018 by Mitchell Poleon

The Political map of the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a vast area that encompasses many paradise islands. Each of these islands is unique and rich in culture. When it comes to politics, each of the islands is different. On the Caribbean map, there are several subdivisions of the Caribbean plate.

These include the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. There are also subdivisions like:

  • The Leeward Islands
  • The Windward Islands

Political divides is another subdivision of the Caribbean islands. Depending on their location on the map of the Caribbean, the islands have different governments. Politics in this area are diverse. This results from the colonial period. Different colonists claimed different regions on the Carribean map.

From the Caribbean islands map, you can see that there are:

  • Dutch islands
  • French isles
  • British
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • The United States
The Political map of the Caribbean
The Political map of the Caribbean








The cultural diversity of the Caribbean islands is as a result of colonization. Slaves from Africa and Asia were shipped to these islands by colonizers. Many of the islands broke free, but others remain under their colonizers.
The French territories on the map of Caribbean islands include St. Martin, St Barthelemy, and Guadeloupe. The United States, on the other hand, lays claim to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The Dutch Islands include Aruba, Curacao, and part, of Sint Maarten. Despite being independent of the Netherlands, citizens have Dutch citizenship.
The British are perhaps the most dominant in the Caribbean. On the caribean map, many islands still fall under the British. They include Anguilla, Turks and Caicos, Cayman Islands and many others.

Why the political map of the Caribbean is important

Understanding the governance and political systems in the Caribbean is necessary. You can better understand the area with a caribbean map. Reasons why the political carribean map is essential to include:

• Currency in the Caribbean

Different regions in the caribbean use different currencies. It is crucial for you as a tourist to know this. It will help you learn the exchange rates in advance. You also get to learn the currency accepted in your chosen destination.
Knowing the government system of the islands also helps you budget. You will be better prepared when you have enough money.

• Language in the Caribbean

Many Caribbean islands speak English. As a first or second language. There are however many different languages in the area. French territories favor the French language. Dutch, Spanish, British and U.S colonies all favor their colonizer’s language. Armed with this knowledge you can better prepare. Maybe to arrange for a translator or learn the basics of the language.

• Culture in the Caribbean

The culture of the Caribbean is very diverse. This is because of the multicultural aspect of Caribbean residents. In spite of this, there are still noticeable influences depending on which territory they fall. For example, he island of St. Martin, also known as St. Maarten. Part of this island is French, and the other part is Dutch. Visiting the two areas, you can spot the differences in cultural practices and way of life. This is because the French and Dutch influence them.

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