Map of Caribbean islands

Published on January 23, 2018 by Mitchell Poleon

A map gives you a very detailed guide to where you are going. If you are planning to visit the caribbean, get a map. A caribbean islands map will help you better plan the trip. Some of the things that the map will help you highlight include:

• Weather

Contrary to what most people think, caribbean weather is not the same everywhere. Sure, the weather patterns are almost identical, but not quite. There is a general wave of warm weather. Some parts, however, experience cold and rainy spells. There are hurricane zones in the caribbean as well. Looking at a carribean map, you can clearly tell what areas to visit when.

To illustrate, the ABC islands on a caribbean map are on the south. From the map of caribbean, these areas are out of the hurricane zones. Barbados is one such island that has not experienced a hurricane in over two decades. The islands of Turks and Caicos sit further north on the map. The tropical weather in this area occasionally changes.

• The greater and lesser Antilles

You will hear a lot of these terms when visiting the caribbean. These areas are easy to spot on a carribean islands map. A map of the caribbean with great outline pinpoints the locations. The Greater Antilles entails the larger islands of the caribbean. As illustrated on a carribean map, the Greater Antilles include Jamaica, Cuba, and Hispaniola.

The Lesser Antilles, on the other hand, includes the smaller Caribbean islands. On the map of caribbean islands, these are mainly southern and eastern islands. They form an arch from the Virgin Islands down to Tobago and Trinidad. The Lesser Antilles include the southern Windward Islands.

• Eastern Caribbean, southern and western Caribbean

Without a good look at the map of the Caribbean, you will not understand what this means. This is especially necessary when going on a cruise. Knowing what the south, east, and west compass points mean in the Caribbean is essential. They mainly represent itineraries for cruise ships.

The southern Caribbean centers their cruise on the Windward Islands. For example the ABC islands. The eastern Caribbean heads off towards the Virgin Islands, Antigua, and the Bahamas. To cruise to the Cayman Islands and the Mexican Caribbean, the western Caribbean will get you there. With a well outlined caribean map, you will readily choose where you want to go.

• Flight time and costs

Depending on where on the caribbean map you want to go, flight costs differ. For example, if you head south, the airfare increases. The flight cost for Anguilla and Tobago are very different. Flight times also follow this. Flight times mean duration and even times that planes leave different areas. Deserted islands do not have many flights per day.

What all this helps you with is budgeting. All the places you want to visit versus how much you have to spend. A good look at the map of the caribbean islands helps you to better prepare. Especially in terms of money and time.

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