Top 10 things to do in Bonaire

Bonaire is the middle of the ABC islands in the Caribbean. It is a gorgeous paradise in the Caribbean that features the best beaches, attractions and marine life protected by the Bonaire national marine park. There is so much to see and experience on the island which makes it a favorite tourist destination for many vacationers.

Planning the perfect holiday entails mapping out some of the areas you would like to visit, activities you would want to partake and how long you will be staying. The best Bonaire vacationer knows that they will keep adjusting their list and squeezing in more experiences.

When planning a trip to Bonaire, have your motto set as do everything, dare to try, satisfy your curiosity and never miss an opportunity at an adventure. Things you should dare to try in Bonaire include:






1. 1000 steps beach

The entire length of the Bonaire is protected which is why it is one of the best places for most water activities. The 1000 steps beach is one of the best places to relax and kickback. It is not an ideal area for sunbathing due to cacti shrubs on the shores of the beach. You can, however, enjoy the view from the top of the steps. There aren’t 1000 steps; however, it is just 67. The most distinguishing thing about the beach is its pristine waters. Coral display, sponges, and fish also attract many people to the beach.






2. Diving and snorkeling

There are many dive spots in Bonaire, 1000 steps beach is one of them. If you are a passionate, experienced diver, Bonaire is the vacation island for you since it has the best diving sites. You get to explore under the water and see the remarkable marine life in the area, coral formation, and sponges. The leeward side of the island has 53 dive spots. Alice in Wonderland is another favorite diving spot in Bonaire.





3. A day at the butterfly garden

The butterfly garden in Bonaire is a must visit site, to receive healing from nature and the radiance oozing from multicolored butterflies. The garden is a serene place to get in touch with your senses and with life, to calm yourself and catch a glimpse of the world that butterflies exist. The gardens host can address all your questions about butterflies.





4. The donkey sanctuary

Bonaire is an oasis for many animals, among them, is the donkey. The donkey sanctuary in Bonaire is a fun place to visit. You get to interact with donkeys, feed them and play with them. The refuge provides homes for orphaned donkeys. There are over 400 donkeys in Bonaire donkey sanctuary. You can also get to walk the donkeys and ride them.





5. Hiking at the Washington Slagbaai national park

The national park is a haven for birdwatchers and hikers. There are over 200 bird species in the park which gives it the beauty of multicolor. The park also features hiking trails that even amateur hikers can conquer with ease. There are three main routes that hikers can choose, each of the paths features the ultimate hiking experience





6. Lac Bay

Diving and snorkeling in Bonaire take center stage, if you do not like diving and just want a quiet time by the beach to enjoy the sandy beaches and swim, lac bay is the place for you. The waters in lac bay are warm and perfect for a dip after which you can take breaks to lie on the sand and sunbathe, sip on cocktails as you enjoy the view of the bay.



Klein Bonaire Strand

Klein Bonaire Strand

7. Secluded island experience at Klein Bonaire

If you are the kind of person who longs to live on a deserted island to get a feel of how it would be, Klein Bonaire does just that for you. You will get to the island via a water taxi, the island has pristine azure waters and offers pure isolation to the visitors. The island has zero development since it’s under protection as part of Bonaire Marine Park. While at Klein Bonaire, you can explore the reefs and the island which maintains its natural state.





8. Stroll through Kralendijk

Kralendijk is the capital of Bonaire. It is the most developed and populous part of the island. It is the hub of commercial activity as well as cultural diversity. There is so much to do and see in the island’s capital. Shopping is one of the things you can do in Kralendijk. The market in Kralendijk is small but a very vibrant part of the city. You can also appreciate the architecture of the town. Restaurants and eateries line the blocks of the area.





9. Take part in the February or march parades at carnival

The celebration of culture is a very vibrant and colorful affair in Bonaire. The warm, welcoming island locals allow for tourists to join the festivities. Take the chance to play dress up on vacation as you don colorful costumes. Join the parade through Rincon and enjoy the fun then follow back to Kralendijk where the festivities continue. The ceremony allows you to have an opportunity to engage in Bonaire culture and get to understand the island better.





10. Enjoy Bonaire’s nightlife

When the sun goes down, Bonaire cranks up the volume to a new high. If you love the fun that Bonaire offers during the day, you will enjoy the night as well. There are many places to go to in Bonaire at night. Kralendijk is the hub of the best nightclubs, dance studios, and pubs. Restaurants, where you can dine and chat away the evening, are also in abundance around Bonaire. Karel’s beach bar is one of the best bars for an explosive night time that will have you dancing to salsa, zouk, and so many other regional dances. Let the music move you and dance away the exhaustion.


While Bonaire features so many diving spots around the island, it is not the only thing that can give you a fun time on the island. There is so much more to experience.