Bonaire vacation rentals

The perfect Bonaire vacation begins with proper planning and of course the ideal destination. Bonaire is a haven for divers, adventurous tourists and those who just want to relax and take in the beauty of the island. Spectacular views, warm, pristine waters and all-around natural beauty grace the island making it the perfect vacation island all year long.

While you have checklists for packing and places to visit, it is also essential to have an understanding of the area you are visiting. It has happened to tourists who do not find a vacation home earlier that they are left stranded especially during peak seasons when everyone is vacationing.





To avoid such incidences, you can start by familiarizing yourself with the area you are visiting. Bonaire island for example. It is an exquisite destination that will awaken all your senses, your adventurous side and also indulge your lazy side as it encourages you to sip on daiquiri and relax by the beach as the sea breeze washes over you.

Bonaire Island Tourist Destination

Bonaire Island has many destinations for tourists, and as a tourist destination, Bonaire has a plethora of options for rentals, villas and vacation homes. Many people today do not enjoy hotel accommodations on vacation especially family vacations. If you are one of the people who appreciate a feeling of home when on vacation, then Bonaire has got you covered.

Bonaire Vacation Accommodations

Choosing the most favorable accommodation begins with considering several factors. Vacation accommodations are available in myriads of price ranges, sizes, locations, and services. Bonaire has all these accommodations ready which gives you the power to choose where you are most comfortable.

The first thing to consider is the price, being comfortable is essential but sticking to budget limits is even more imperative to enjoying your holiday. Bonaire has beautiful, accessible and dreamy vacation villas, rentals and homes available at different prices. You choose what you can manage.

Services are another important consideration. If there are any special services that you would like, it is imperative that you pick a rental that offers those services. Each private villa is unique and tailored to suit different people. Booking the one that best suits you guarantees a great holiday ahead.

Location of the villa or home plays a vital role to some people as they would prefer inland accommodations or waterfront homes. Bonaire puts this into consideration and has spectacular inland accommodations that offer access to different attractions and city amenities. Magnificent views surround seaside dwellings, cooling breezes, and warm azure waters to grace your days.

Embarking on the search for a perfect accommodation can be quite tasking. Key Caribe is, however, your one-stop place for all things Caribbean destinations. It will orient you into the islands of the Caribbean and familiarize you with activities to partake while on vacation. Accommodation choices are also highlighted for different islands in the Caribbean. For the perfect villa or rental in Bonaire, here is a list of some of the best places to consider to have a great Bonaire vacation:


Bonaire - Spacious villa in the heart of Sabadeco area

Bonaire – Spacious villa in the heart of Sabadeco area

Spacious villa in the heart of Sabadeco area ( Villa Anaphine)

Sabedeco area is a beautiful part of Bonaire that is popular for vacationers. It is home to many vacation accommodations on the island. Its popularity keeps rising as the quality and quantity of vacation villas keep increasing by the day.

Most of the Sabedeco is lined with villas, rental homes, and spectacular views. Sabedeco area is popular due to its relaxed and magnificent aesthetic. Many people build their rental homes for tourists in the area while many tourists prefer the serenity and peaceful existence of the city. Sabedeco area also offers an unobstructed view of Klein Bonaire.

Spacious villa in the heart of Sabadeco area2

Spacious villa in the heart of Sabadeco area2

The villa features enough room for you and your family or company that you’re vacationing. Amazing, breathtaking and exquisite patio furniture graces the front and poolside of the villa. Get a feel for the beautiful wooden tables around the villa or the couch overlooking the pool.

The large clean and inviting pool offers lounge chairs and ample space for more people to indulge. The villa’s exterior is a delightful blend of the spectacular views and artistry put into making sure the house is up to standard in beauty and comfort.

Features of the villa

The most striking feature of the villa is the natural way that the white tones on the interiors blend with the high ceilings and the coral floors to give a breathtaking room. The house features sliding doors that enable the circulation of air throughout the villa.

The villa is very spacious which makes it very attractive and has all bedrooms air-conditioned. A spacious master bedroom is in the main house together with a double bed bedroom and bathroom.

The villa then features two guest quarters on the left side of the main house. The primary living area in the main house opens up to a shaded porch that is ideal for relaxation, evening dining and enjoying wine as the sun sets. The porch extends to the whole length of the house and overlooks the pool. The villa’s studio offers a bathroom, sleeping area, kitchen and quaint porch while the apartment features a shower room, terrace, and two bedrooms.

Privacy, serenity and world-class service are a guarantee at this villa. Children play at the playground graced by palm trees and opening up to the ocean. The play area features a swing set and other amenities. The ample space in the villa provides for a maximum of ten guests. Wireless internet is available, a washer and unrestricted use of the whole villa grounds. Access to the sea from the house is quick.

Complimentary services at the villa include extensive cleaning every once a week, pool cleaning, chauffeur services from the airport on arrival, groceries on the day of arrival, gas, electricity, water, washer, and internet. In case of any issues or concerns, the manager is at your disposal during the length of your stay.

The villa is a family friendly house that even offers a crib for toddlers. Massage therapy, deep sea fishing, mountain biking and hiking are all available at your request. The house, however, does not allow pets or smoking.


Check Availability and Rates for this beautiful Villa in Bonaire here: Spacious and beautifully situated villa in the heart of Bonaire’s Sabadeco area

Villa Azul in the heart of Sabedeco7

Villa Azul in the heart of Sabedeco7

Villa Azul in the heart of Sabedeco, Bonaire

The breathtakingly beautiful villa Azul is a dream come true vacation house for many tourists. It is built to encompass the beauty of the area coupled with the light and exquisite modern design as well as the use of glass to aestheticize the house. Brushed steel in the villa adds style and impact to the home.

Villa Azul in the heart of Sabedeco

The magnanimous terrace of Azul feeds you an uninterrupted view of the sea; you can feel the sea breeze brush against your face and see the far extends of the island. Azul villa offers you the best in amenities and services as well as privacy.

The villa features enough space for six guests. It features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Bedrooms have sliding doors to allow for free air circulation in the house are featured. You can access the large pool from the bedrooms.

The open kitchen, living room area and master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a bathroom are upstairs. The bright, white living room with beautiful white couches, a television and sliding doors that open up to the terrace and on the other side leads to the master bedroom.

Being a pioneer modern villa in Bonaire, Azul features a beautiful garden that has a palappa. It has a concrete based barbeque that is ideal for a night of partying in the house.

Features of Villa Azul Bonaire

All the bedrooms at the villa are fully air-conditioned to provide a relaxing time. The master bedroom overlooks the beautiful Caribbean. The large private pool on the property is uniquely built and just a step away from the patio. The pool features a shower.

Internet access in the villa is unlimited. Catch up on all your favorite shows or keep up with current events in a beautiful, enthralling environment provided by the villa. Once you book and rent the Azul, you have free reign of the villa’s grounds for the length of your stay.

Villa Azul in the heart of Sabedeco6

The beautiful tiled floors of the house add to the magnificence of the simple yet exquisite living room. The bathrooms feature colored tiles on the walls and white tiles on the floors. Shiny and clean bathroom sinks and counters with beautiful and modern faucets grace the bathrooms. There are two sink bowls, a bathtub and shower area featured.

The Villa Azul unforgettable experience begins with pick up services at the airport as soon as you land. You are then escorted to your house and provided with groceries for your first day. The house is family friendly, and therefore children’s foods are included in the package.

Villa Azul in the heart of Sabedeco8

Villa Azul in the heart of Sabedeco8




The villa manager is at your beck and call, 24 hours a day. You get access to everything that is available at the house like the coffeemaker, washing machine, internet, gas, electricity and water. There is a concierge to attend to your needs during your stay.

Relaxing by the deck or pool are great pass times at the Azul. You can however also engage in activities like cycling. Deep sea fishing is also available at your request.


check rates & availability of Villa Azul in Bonaire here : Villa Azul in the heart of Sabedeco



Oceanfront contemporary 6 bedroom villa

Oceanfront contemporary 6 bedroom villa

The oceanfront contemporary villa Kwadrangolo

This villa is a family friendly house that caters to all the needs of a large family or a large travel party. The villa offers six bedrooms that are spacious and beautiful. There is a main house and two separate apartments on the grounds.

The main house features four bedrooms that all feature king size beds and en-suite bathrooms. Two bedrooms on the ground level and two others on the first floor of the house. The apartments feature queen-sized beds. All the beds in the villa have beautiful, creative and romantic mosquito nets.

There are two private pools in the villa. They offer the most fantastic ambiance to complete your wholesome vacation experience. The living room is elegantly stylish with high ceilings for excellent air circulation and sliding doors that lead you to the beautiful porch. The house also has a large spacious kitchen with everything you need to prepare family meals that you can then eat at the outside dining table and a storage room with a washer and dryer at your disposal.

Oceanfront contemporary 6 bedroom villa4533234

The breathtaking outdoors of the villa feature tropical gardens

lined with palm trees and providing a wondrous view from the poolside lounge chairs and the beautiful terrace. Sunsets by the pool on the terrace looking out into the vastness of Bonaire and the ocean view while sipping on wine and drowning in conversation with family and friends is precisely what this villa guarantees.

The luxuriously rich experience that this villa offers in unmatched by any other house on the island. The shallow pool is perfect for children while adults dive into the warm, pristine waters of the oceanfront pool. Sunbeds and pool decks also grace the property as well as a gazebo to move your relaxation line. The house also features a swim ladder that directly links you to the Sea.Oceanfront contemporary 6 bedroom villa4533234

Bonaire Villa Kwadrangolo services

The villa offers complimentary services that range from picking you up at the airport to having unlimited access to everything on the grounds. Your stay at the villa is bound to be magical due to the explosive beauty and the high-class services offered.

Once you arrive, groceries for the first day are provided as well as baby cribs on request. The kitchen is open for use and has gas, electricity and enough clean water. During the duration of your stay, cleaning services for the house and the pool are offered once every week.


The villa holds a maximum capacity of 12 guests at a time. All six bedrooms and bathrooms are excellent quality, clean and contemporary. Air conditioning in each bedroom is available as well as the beautiful ocean view from the bedrooms’ terrace.

There is a private shore for you that is an ideal dive spot and hang out area. The warm, pristine waters on the coast provide exceptional visibility for diving and exploring the wonders under the sea.

The villa features breathtaking interior design, carefully put together to give a blend of beauty, comfort, serenity and a taste of paradise. The allure of the villa lies on every point of the house.

Cycling, mountain biking, deep-sea fishing and massage therapy are all activities you can partake at the villa. You also have access to the fitness center and hiking trails. There are no pets allowed in villa Kwadrangolo.
















Check rates & availability of Bonaire Villa Kwadrangolo here: Bonaire Villa Kwadrangolo



Contemporary Panoramic ocean view villa hidden in paradise

Contemporary Panoramic ocean view villa hidden in paradise

Contemporary panoramic ocean view Villa Cas Cora

When it comes to quality of service, privacy, luxury, and comfort, Cas Cora villa is your paradise wrapped in beauty and magnificence. There are so many features of the villa that will accentuate your stay. The first striking appeal is the five spacious bedrooms that are all air-conditioned. The villa also features four modern bathrooms.

Contemporary Panoramic ocean view villa hidden in paradise 2

Contemporary Panoramic ocean view villa is hidden in paradise 2

The castle-like design of Cas Cora coupled with the unique accessories added to it makes it a dream vacation home. It is a splendid castle that pampers you and gives you a panoramic view of the vast, turquoise ocean waters.

There is enough room for up to ten people in the house. Each of the rooms has king size beds and safes for your valuables. Internet access throughout the property is top notch, and the kitchen will blow your mind. The fully equipped kitchen gives you a taste of luxury as you get an ice maker, stove, coffeemaker, side fridge, and a dishwasher.

Contemporary Panoramic ocean view villa hidden in paradise 3

Contemporary Panoramic ocean view villa hidden in paradise 3

The luxury trip moves on to the beautiful dining area furniture that culminates in the decorative lighting to make dinner time heavenly. The walls of the villa feature exquisite art pieces from artists like Lene Tempelhof. Internet and a plasma television give you access to all your favorite shows.

Once you have taken in the interior beauty of the castle, it is time to unravel the outdoors. The beautiful decks give you access to breathtaking views, relaxing breezes, and the private pool. Lounge chairs and sun beds by the pool provide the perfect lounge area for a suntan.



Contemporary Panoramic ocean view villa hidden in paradise67

Palm trees and vibrant flowers line the entrance and the length of Cas Cora offering a glorious contrast between the brightly colored villa walls and the plantation. Climbing to the roof deck of the house is a perfect spot to look out on Klein Bonaire and the Atlantic while enjoying wine and great company.

Complimentary services

• Unlimited Wi-Fi access

• House and pool cleaning once a week

• Washing machine and dryer at your disposal

• Chauffeur services from the airport

• First-day grocery package that includes children’s food

• Villa manager is available to you for 24 hours as long as you are at the villa


The whole villa belongs to you. You are the king/queen of the entire castle during your stay. Cas Cora is family friendly and provides services for children. If you need a baby cot or crib, they are available upon request. Highchairs can also be availed.

Concierge services during the full length of your stay ensure that you never lack for anything. An experience worth writing home about is precisely what villa Cas Cora offers.

Five minutes from the paradise villa is the ocean. You get private access to the beautiful shoreline and warm sands by the sea.

While at Cas Cora, you can indulge in cycling to loosen up and work out. Upon request, you get access to bikes for a cycling party.







Check rates & availability of Contemporary panoramic ocean view Villa Cas Cora here: Bonaire Villa Cas Cora







Bonaire Villa Salentein

Bonaire Villa Salentein

Oceanfront villa on scuba divers paradise

Bonaire Villa Salentein

Bonaire is a paradise island, and all that beauty is yours for the taking as long as you have a vacation home that matches up to the island’s standards. Villa Salentein is a heavenly property that features six bedrooms.

The villa is north of Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire which makes it a dream accommodation spot as it gives you access to the best of Bonaire inland and sea. From the moment you arrive till the minute you leave, you get quality service and the best features all incorporated in this dreamy house.

Breathtaking view of the warm, azure waters from the rounded porch, and the private pool offers the best relaxation spot on the property. The unique design and use of the grounds allow for all the oceans breeze to wash through the house leaving freshness and coolness.

Features and services

Bonaire Villa Salentein2

Bonaire Villa Salentein2

Bedtime at villa Salentein is magical. The soft sheets, linen interiors, and richly comfortable beds help your body relax, and you curl up into a ball of comfort and happiness. In all six bedrooms, there are king size beds that feature VI-spring beds.

The capacity of the house is ten people. On occasion, provisions for 12 people are allowed depending on your case.

A luxurious theatre experience is a guarantee with the modern home cinema. The living room also features a TV to catch up on your favorite shows and current issues. Wireless unlimited internet access is also available in the villa.

The private pool next to the rounded porch has a jet stream. The pool is ideal for relaxing after which you can directly head to the secluded dive spot in this paradise haven. The area has clear waters for great diving experiences.

Villa Salentein is a family friendly house that welcomes even toddlers. Upon request, baby cots and cribs can be issued.

The villa’s design is exquisite and unique. It features beautifully colored interiors and exteriors that emanate a soft, welcoming feel. All floors in the property feature marble floors that enunciate the beautiful villa’s design.

A washer and dryer are provided to ease cleaning during your stay.



Complimentary services

Presidential treatment from the moment you land. Your driver will drive you up from the airport and takes you to the paradise villa Salentein. After you arrive at the house, groceries for your first day are available as a compliment. If you have children, kid-friendly groceries are inclusive.

Water, gas, and electricity in the villa are available at all times. Cleaning times for the grounds and the pools are once every week, but you get unlimited access to the washer and dryer.

The manager is ready to take your call and attend to any needs or issues all day every day. The phone on the villa is also free for you to use as you please.





• Cycling

• Coffeemaker

• Concierge

• Air conditioning

• Patio


Bonaire Villa Salentein7

Bonaire Villa Salentein7


See rates & availability of Bonaire Villa Salentein: Here




mil suenos

mil suenos

Impressive naturally beautiful and luxurious Mil Suenos

Nature’s beauty graces the Mil Suenos and is met with the luxurious design of the property. The outdoors are heavenly with natural beauty, and the interiors feature beautifully and carefully décor put together to give the ultimate luxurious accommodations.

mil suenos4

mil suenos4

A large neem tree at the center offers a perfect area for chairs to lounge in and relax while taking in the fresh air. There are two cabanas; one provides a comprehensive view of the ocean. It features a large dining table and lounge chairs. It has direct access to the sea via stairs where you can swim or lay on the shores and watch stars.

mil suenos2

mil suenos2

The second cabana is smaller but equally beautiful. It offers a great view of Klein Bonaire. There are table and chairs to relax on as you indulge in cocktails and conversation of a good book. The second floor of the house offers a fantastic multipurpose area that exposes you to the magnificent beauty of the region around and the further into the ocean.

The adopted design for the property facilitates ample space for relaxing or indulging in art like painting and writing. The large second level area features a wet bar and fridge.

mil suenos3

mil suenos3

Serenity and seclusion are some of the factors that many people are after during vacation. This is the perfect blend of peaceful, quiet and private that you need. It is not only ideal for a vacation home but can also make a great conference or class location.

The tropical foliage surrounding the property as well as the location of the house on its own Cul de sac makes it unique, luxurious and the right amount of perfect.

mil suenos5

mil suenos5

Mil Suenos offers linens and provides a washer, dryer, and hairdryer as well. Pets are not allowed on the property.

mil suenos6

Features and services

• There are five bedrooms and five bathrooms on the property. Each of the bedrooms is air-conditioned and features the best in design and aesthetic.

• A large fully equipped kitchen graces the house. It is perfect for making family dinners. Complete with gas, water, and electricity.

• A private pool that is clean and ideal for a relaxing time is available on the property. Pool cleaning is every once a week.

• Private patios in each of the rooms that overlook the vastness and natural beauty of the area.

• A barbeque area

• Sliding doors on the bedrooms and sitting space to allow for free air flow.

• It is a welcoming villa for children. Cribs are provided for toddlers

• Complimentary groceries on the first day are afforded.

• There is unlimited internet access and fantastic large TV to watch anything you please

• Some of the activities to take part in while staying here include hiking, deep sea fishing, mountain climbing and biking, sailing and scuba diving.

• A massage therapist to help you calm down and relax and get attuned to your body.

• The caretakers live near the house which makes them available to attend to your needs 24 hours each day.


Check Rates & Availability of Bonaire villa mil Suenos here: Villa Mil Suenos




Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean

Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean

Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean

The beauty of this villa is immeasurable and indescribable. It is a very luxurious villa that has magnificent views of the Sea. The villa has three floors that each feature immense beauty and exquisite design. The proximity of the villa to the beaches and airport make it a coveted vacation accommodation.Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean988

Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean9Surrounding this magnanimous villa are beautiful tropical gardens that ooze magnificence and lined with bougainvillea and palm trees. It also features an unobstructed view of the sea, especially from the top.

The bedrooms on the property open to the most radiant patios. The whole length of the house is beautiful contemporary designs coupled with natural beauty and incredible views.

Features and services at the villa

Every last detail of this villa ensures that you get your money’s worth. From the minute you arrive, a designated chauffeur picks you up and drives you to the house. Once there, you get a driver for the duration of your stay to take you wherever you want to tour in Bonaire.

The house features a gourmet kitchen. It has everything you need including water, stove, fridge, electricity and gas.

The lounge area features an open plan design. It is spacious and has impressive sliding doors. Most of the house is glass-walled making it ideal to watch the beautiful outdoors from indoors.Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean78

There are five bedrooms in the house which can hold ten guests. Each of the bedrooms has a modern bathroom and shower rooms and is also air-conditioned. The décor in the bedrooms is soft and indulgent to help you relax and have a good night’s rest.

Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean6

The house also features high ceilings and huge windows that allow for adequate lighting into the house. Marble floors and soft décor complete the luxurious and quiet feel of the property.

The house has three private pools on each of the levels. Beautiful and stylish lounge chairs by the pool as you perfect a natural tan are also available. The distinct bright color of lounge chairs adds to the softness of the house.

Internet access in the house is also unlimited for as long as you are staying in the house. This presents you passage to the best and your favorite shows. The Large TV set is also available for you to kick back as the sun sets.

The entire villa is your playground as soon as you arrive. All levels of the house are open for exploration. You can relax in any of the private pools and look at the beautiful views from the different floors.Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean4

As soon as you arrive, the manager is at your disposal to address any questions or issues that you may have. You also get a complimentary grocery basket on your first day.

If you have toddlers with you, cribs can be provided when you ask for them as well as baby groceries during the first day of arrival.


Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean4123123

Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean4123123


Check Rates & Availabililty of JK House Bonaire here: Luxury villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean




Incredible Five bedroom ocean front villa

Incredible Five bedroom ocean front villa 

Being crammed into a tiny hotel room with your family while on vacation is not an ideal way to enjoy and relax. The spacious, beautiful oceanfront villa is a dream come true for vacationers. It offers the best in comfort, luxury, and style.

A shaded porch is precisely where you need to be as the sun shines down on the beautiful sea and pool. From the living room and the kitchen, you can access the porch through sliding glass doors and lounge on the relaxation lounge chairs on the deck.

Incredible Five bedroom ocean front villa2Before you even get into the house, you will be beauty stricken by the astounding tropical garden that lines the driveway and then gives way to the unique fountain. The spacious rooms and outdoors offer the perfect vacation home for a family of a group of friends.Incredible Five bedroom ocean front villa3

Family or group dinners and parties on the patio are blissful as you look up at the beautiful night sky and the sea breeze washes over you. Chef services at the villa are available on request.

Beauty attacks the property from all sides. From the back is the incredible view of the ocean where you can relax, read or sip on wine and get lost in conversation. There is also a large pool on the property that has the relaxing capabilities of a message.

Incredible Five bedroom ocean front villa5The house has two floors. The ground floor has four bedrooms with private bathrooms. One of the bedrooms features a kitchenette. On the first floor is the master bedroom and features a spacious room with a king size bed, en-suite bathroom with a double shower and a toilet. The balcony of the master bedroom offers the most magnificent view of the ocean.





Incredible Five bedroom ocean front villa6



• Private sandy beach area where you can relax and enjoy the ocean breeze. Take a healing walk and thrive in the feel of clean sand on your feet

• Access to the sea which is less than a stone’s throw away from the house.

• Dive spot that has pristine waters and is private for dive enthusiasts. Get to explore the marine life of Bonaire.

• Unlimited internet access throughout your stay

• Provisions for baby cribs and high chairs on request

• A washing area with a washer and a dryer

Incredible Five bedroom ocean front villa7

Complimentary services

Once you arrive at the airport, there is a driver from the house to pick you up and also provide groceries for your first meal at the vacation home. Provisions for children are also available. Gas, water, and electricity are in plenty throughout your stay, and the concierge will clean the house twice a week and once a week for the pool.

For any concerns or issues, the manager is available to you at all times. The telephone in the villa is open to your use for the duration of your stay.

A private chef can help you prepare your meals especially group and family dinners.



Check rates & Availability here: Incredible Five bedroom ocean front villa 




Bonaire villa for Couples 1

Beautiful, luxurious villa for couples

Looking at all the spacious and large vacation homes in Bonaire can be depressing for a couple looking for a small apartment with the right amount of calm and luxury to explode into a beautiful getaway. This house is the ideal home for couples looking to relax, enjoy each other’s company and let the east winds wash away all the exhaustion.Beautiful, luxurious villa for couples 2

Beautiful, luxurious villa for couples 6The house adopts a mansion design. It has three connecting units that are each carefully decorated to suit many different preferences. The central unit has a large living room and open kitchen. It is a shared space and entrance between the two other wings. A shaded deck is available and offers a perfect area for lounging and sip on wine and cocktails.

The first wing houses the master bedroom and a bathroom and connects to the central unit via a hallway. The other section has two bedrooms that each feature bathrooms and balconies. This wing also features a laundry room and a kitchenette. The side that houses the guest rooms can be used independently since it has its entrance. The house is ideal for entertaining guests while you are on vacation. You can still enjoy your privacy and indulge your guests at the same time.Beautiful, luxurious villa for couples 7

The ultimate Bonaire experience is realized on this villas roof deck. Here you feel like you’ve stepped into heaven as the beauty of nature surrounds you coupled with the genius of the design that is the villa. It is the perfect spot to watch stars, sip on cocktails, chat the evening away and have romantic dates.

Beautiful, luxurious villa for couples 78There is an infinity pool on the property that is continually flowing and seems to join the ocean. You could get lost in the beauty of the flow and the relaxation that the pool offers. The magnesium pool is an ultimate win during vacation.

Dive spots, snorkeling, swimming and walks on the beach are all possible since the house is very close to these areas. The house is a central point for most of the attractions in Bonaire since you can access most of them within minutes from the house.


Features and services

• The house can comfortably house six guests at a time.

• Uninterrupted internet access during your stay. You can watch and stream all your favorite shows and games at fast speeds.

• Access to the entire length of the property for the duration that you stay

• A private driver from the airport to the house.

• Ideal honeymoon getaway house featuring privacy, serenity and incredulous beauty

• Grocery provisions on the day of arrival.

• Pool and house cleaning services once a week by the concierge

• 24-hour disposal of the house manager to you for any needs or questions.

• Crib provisions on request for vacationers traveling with children

• Proximity to most of the islands attractions as well as amenities like cycling


Check Rates & Availability of this beautiful couples Villa in Bonaire here: Villa Couples Bonaire

Beautiful, luxurious villa for couples 4