The tiny island of 17,000 already has plenty to offer for tourists. Considered one of the top snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in the world, the steady winds in Bonaire also offer the ideal environment for windsurfing and kiteboarding.


Right off the coast of Venezuela, this small Caribbean island makes up the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao)  and is part of the Dutch Caribbean. Although not all Caribbean islands are ideal to visit at this often stormy time of year, Bonaire is outside of the hurricane belt, making September and October ideal for travelers looking for a dose of Caribbean sunshine this fall. Peaceful, relaxed and with a truly tropical pace of life, this small, dry island has a steady yearly temperature of  81°F (27°C) and is known for consistent sunshine, turquoise waters and incredible diving.


Although primarily recognized for its scuba spots (Bonaire Marine’s Park offers a total of 86 dive sites), there is also snorkeling in Bonaire, including Red Beryl – considered the best area – Andrea II, Windsock and Tori’s Reef, all full of abundant sea life in less than 10 feet of water. If diving is not on the agenda, there’s plenty of other water and wind sports, as well as hiking, biking, reading a good book on the beach, and of course, enjoying all the freshly caught local seafood your heart desires.


It’s fitting that Bonaire, considered the shore diving capital of the Caribbean, has one of the world’s best shipwreck dives. Used as a drug smuggling ship before she sank the 1980s, at the Hilma Hooker you’ll find shoals of bright fish, coral and sponges, all bathed in the clearest Caribbean waters, in a dive that’s suitable for all abilities.

Klein Bonaire

Bonaire is already tiny but near the island is a little island called Klein Bonaire. It is really small but a lot of divers like to go there and used as there resting spot.

Where to stay

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Should you have time to spare, Bonaire is also home to vast and protected marine resources and wildlife, including a flamingo sanctuary, so there’s plenty more to explore on the island. Bon Bini!