Why Aruba should be on your bucket list destinations

Struggling to find the best holiday destination, packed with awe, convenient for you and your family or a romantic getaway for your significant other? The answer is a no-brainer, you need to experience the magical paradise that is Aruba Island. You may belittle the island due to its size, but the burst of culture, attractions, and activities that will make it into your impressive firsts list will quickly change your mind.

Sunbathing, diving and other water activities are not the only attractions in Aruba, once you take your eyes off the beach and explore other parts of the island, you discover invigorating attractions as well. Aruba Island does not only consist of beautiful, breathtaking beaches.

From the moment the sun rises to the time it sets, Aruba is a buzz of activity as people move from place to place to try and take in as much of the islands magnificence as possible. It is an island rich in history, culture, and exotic cuisine.

Aruba beach life

Private and public beaches are abundant for people to enjoy the perfect Aruba weather that facilitates sunbathing all year long. Flamingo beach Aruba is a popular private beach on the island that has many adult guests. The beach has a picturesque view that will blow your mind. Flamingo beach gets its name from the presence of Flamingoes on the beach which is an added attraction to the beach.

The southern and western stretches of the island feature the Aruban beaches like Eagle beach, Baby Beach, Palm Beach and Arashi beach which makes them the most frequented parts of the island. While many people also enjoy inland exploration, most tourists who visit the island remain glued to the beach mainly because of the perfect Aruba weather and the vast stretch of turquoise ocean water that inundates your existence with beauty.

Tourist families traveling with children can opt for beaches with shallow water for the safety of their kids. Hardicurari, Malmok, and Rodgers beaches are some of the best areas to visit with kids. Not only is the water shallow but there are many facilities and resorts to guarantee a wonderful time.

Besides relaxing and light swimming by the beaches, it is also possible to indulge in water sports like diving and snorkeling. In the island, Aruba diving is very popular since the isle has perfect diving spots. Inexperienced divers get to have guides.

Many people have expressed concerns over shark attacks. There are sharks in Aruba, and Aruba sharks are only found further in the ocean water. People partaking in boat rides should be careful not to dive in some of the shark locations. They are not on the beaches for those feeling weary of their presence. It is, however, prudent to exercise caution when diving and boat riding.

When the sun goes down in the Island, it is hardly time to retire; it just means that another exciting part of the region is about to reveal. The nightlife.



Aruba nightlife

When in Aruba, it is impossible to get yourself to sleep because you want to experience both sides of the island. The active Aruba nightlife attracts tourists who spend their day relaxing by the beach and spend the night dancing, drinking and engaging in the Aruban nightlife.

The Island of Aruba is laced with exciting, fun places to suit everyone’s tastes. Ranging from nightclubs, resorts, bars and dance joints, Aruba is sure to deliver a fun packed night for those who love the nightlife.

Many bars and restaurants on the Island have live music that soothes your mind as you enjoy delicious cuisine, engage in conversation or wash down the excitement with a drink. Casinos are also famous in Aruba, you can try your luck, but if you’re not feeling lucky, there is always salsa dancing and discos to attend.

Palm Beach area is famous for casinos and world-class hotels. The only thing holding you back from having a fun night out in Aruba can only be yourself since the island has provided significant hotspots for fun-filled nightlife. Senor Frogs and Gusto dance club will let you move your body and right after you can pop into Soprano’s piano bar, a famous spot for many people in Aruba.

Oranjestad, Aruba capital, is also filled with night activities that will excite you. From rum shops to live bands, salsa, merengue and many rhythms gracing your ears and swaying your body. If clubbing and dancing are not your poison, you can check out the Eagle bowling palace for a night of gaming.

Romantic night getaways for lovers are also covered in Aruba; the Kukoo Kunuku party bus is a must try item for couples. If it was not on your list, slot it in.



Aruba food

You have not experienced the islands bliss until you have tried some or all of the exotic dishes offered on the island. Many are cultural dishes like bami, nasi goring rice, and Johnny cakes. Many hotels and restaurants serve authentic Aruba food. While some people may still want western foods that they are familiar with, which are available, trying new dishes should be part of your Aruba experience.

Dutch pea soup, sate with peanut and various tasty toppings are some of the most enjoyed dishes on the island. For breakfast, do not forget to try the Aruban pancake, pan bati. The best part of Aruba is that, despite using the Aruba money, Aruba florin, many places on the island accept the dollar which makes it easier for tourists.



Aruba sports

Aruba kitesurfing is one of the exciting water sports that many people engage. Due to the perfect island weather, abundance of water and sunshine, kitesurfing is a magnificent way of spicing up your beach time in Aruba.

There are myriads of other sports to engage in while on the island. If your love for golf runs deep, Aruba golf club gives you the perfect opportunity to practice your swing while enjoying the ravishing views.

An activity-packed Aruba is a favorite destination for many people, weddings, vacations, honeymoons, anniversary getaways and exploration purposes. Many people who have been to the island always want to return; it has the highest rate of tourists coming back to the island again after their first visit.