Time for new goals in 2018

Published on December 11, 2017 by Mitchell Poleon

Time for new goals in 2018


This is the time that people think about what happened the past year and what their goals will be for the next. With the holidays coming and a lot of money being spent this is the moment to take it all in. Some of us go on vacation and some of us just wanna be with family. The time to change your lifestyle, stop smoking, go to the gym and get that vacation that you need.

A New Year is like a blank notebook. You get to write anything you want in it.

Sentosa Key Caribe

Make your goals specific

Write your goals down. Having a lot of money isn’t a goal. How to get it, is. Think about what you need and how you gonna achieve it. Planning is Key without that you just gonna waste time.

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Measure progress

Everything you do in life you can measure. You wanna lose weight, you wanna get that new job or just save money for that luxurious vacation? Check your progress and adjust it where it is needed.

Key Caribe offers payment installments.

Be patient

My weakness is patience but this year I learned something. Elysium Key Caribe

Work hard, be smart and keep your eye on the prize. Sometimes you have that feeling you want more but your stuck. Think about what you want to achieve, work on it and wait. In that same time just do other things that will benefit your goal. It is like a seed, just plant it, water it and it will grow.

Your arrival date could be far away but Key Caribe will help you prepare for it.

Share your goals with friends and family

We all have friends or family that will doubt you. Because in the past you didn’t come through. Don’t worry about them just see that as your motivation that you have to work harder to achieve your goal.

Ask them if they want to join you on your next trip to the Caribbean.

Schedule it

Make a plan. Put in the work. Schedule when you gonna do it. It is like going to the gym. You can go to the gym for an hour every day. But sometimes you don’t have the time to go. Even if you go for 20 minutes and give it all you got. You are still working on your goal.

Our Concierges will help you with a schedule on your vacation.

Something is better than nothing

Don’t worry if not everything goes as planned. We all make mistakes, have situations out of our control or someone that doesn’t want you to achieve your goal out of jealousy. Just get up, when you slip up. And start over where you left off. It is about learning to fall and bounce back. We all learned to crawl, walk and run. That’s the same way in life. We fall, learn and get back up.

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Key Caribe lessons learned

This year we have learned a lot. From Hurricane’s to losing clients and gaining new bigger clients. We survived and only got bigger and better. When Hurricane Irma had struck the islands we thought it was over but like the islands, it was our test for resilience and to see if we as a company could weather a storm. Our admission to VRMA will help us as a company to keep informed and grow for the years to come.

We had some lovely clients and made some new friends giving them a vacation to remember.


Caribbean vacation in 2018

Caribbean vacation in 2018 – The new year will only be better. New destinations, more clients, and more service.

To all the owners, partners and guests that put their trust in us to provide the best service, business relations, and beautiful vacation memories….We thank you and your support has encouraged us to continuously deliver the best service possible.

Yours truly,
Key Caribe



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